Sunday, 13 November 2016

फटेहाल में आमआदमी

आज देश स्वाधीन है।  शासक बदल गए है पर शासन नही बदला है।   शोषक बदल गए है पर आम आदमी का शौषण नहीं।  शौषण  का ढंग बदल गया है। प्रधान मंत्री नरेंदर मोदी जी का ५०० और १००० रूपए की नोटबंदी के फैसले की आफत भी आम आदमी पर आ पड़ी।  वह आम आदमी जिसके सर पर मुसीबत आ पड़ी है  ,  वह आज  जानना  चाहता है कि   सरकार को हमारी आमदनी पर टैक्स क्यू चाहिए?  जबकि हर वस्तु खरी दने पर टैक्स देना पड़ता है ।  कहना खाने जाओ तो  सर्विस टैक्स ,  सिनेमा देखने जाओ तो  एंटर्टेन्मन्ट टैक्स।  गाडी खरीदें तो रोड टैक्स,   और फिर  रोड पर चलें तो टोल टैक्स।  क्या इन सब चीज़ों का टैक्स देना  काफी नहीं।  आम आदमी की ज़िन्दगी पिस  गयी है।  वह घंटो कतारों में अपने नोट बदलने के लिये खड़ा रहता व्है।  वही दूसरी और अमीर  आदमी अपना काला धन सामने लाने की बजाय यूँ ही बर्बाद ककर रहा है।  कभी तो कूड़ेदान में ५०० और १००० के ढेर सारे   नोट पाय जाते है  तो कभी उन्हें जला दिया जाता है।  क्यू १० फीसदी कला धन रखने वाले अम्मीरों की वजह से ९० फीसदी लोगों को सजा दी जा रही है ? 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Result of america president election

Now trump won the election of the president of america. He is 45th president of america   

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

यह है मेरा भारत

यह है मेरा भारत
जहाँ नदियाँ भी माता कहलाती है ।
धरती है यह विधा की ,
जहा सरस्वती माता आती है ।

सिर्फ इंसानो मे नही, पत्थरो मे भी,
भगवान नजर यहाँ आते है।
पशु-पक्षी और पेड़ भी,
गुणगान यहाँ के गाते है।

भारत की सिमा रेखा पर,
खुन की नदियाँ बहती है।
मुझे उनपर ग्रव है,
यह भारत माता कहती है।

उन शहीदो की कुर्बानी को,
त्याग नही होने देंगे।
जान भले ही चली जाए,
पर भारत माता को नही झुकने देंगे।

Monday, 24 October 2016


On 7 March,2016 Maria Sharapova ,the five-time Tennis Grand Slam winner and the highest earning female athlete admitted that she failed a doping test, conducted on January26 .She told that she had been using a substance called meldonium, which is now banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), for most of her pro career. But she says her failed test was due to the fact that meldonium was only recently banned and she failed to recognize the updated list.
"I had been legally taking the medicine for the past 10 years, but on January 1 the rules had changed, and meldonium became a prohibited substance, which I had not known," she told  at a press conference in Los Angeles.
Meldonium also known as mildronate was added to the  list of banned drug last year which came to place on 1 January 2016.The drug was added to the list because the World Anti-doping Agency said that there are evidences of using the drug by athletes for enhancing their performance.WADA had been observing it  for the last one year under monitoring programme to determine its effects on  athletic performance. According to WADA, meldonium started showing up inathletes' drug tests frequently enough that the organization began monitoring the drug and which athletes were using it in 2015.
WADA then banned the drug in 2016 because it found athletes were (unsurprisingly) using it to boost their sports abilities, not to treat heart condition.But she said that her family doctor began prescribing the drug after several health issues arose including frequent cases of flu.she said "I was getting very often.I had a deficiency in magnesium.I had irregular EKG results and I have family history of diabetes and there were signs of diabetes."
Dr. Steven Nissen chairman of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the cleveland clinic said that the drug was not available in the US and but that it seemed to be used elsewhere to treat chest pains from severe heart disease.He said "there is no way it would be clinically indicated in a healthy young athlete.

Sharapova admitted that she continued to take the drug while regularly checking the list through the years to confirm that it was not prohibited. The WADA in conjunction with International Tennis Federation sends  an email to the players at the end of every year with a link of banned substances.Sharapova confessed of not clicking on the link this time.And she took complete resposibility of her mistake.
The highest paid female athlete also suffered loss in her commercial value .NIKE has suspended its all contracts with her.Automaker Porsche,owned by Volkwagen also postponing all the planned sponsorship activity with her. Swiss
Watch brand TAG Heuer,part of the LVMH suspending negotiation about renewing the sponsorship deal that ended December 2015.Danone,which own Evian said earlier to follow the negotiation closely.   While Mr. Johan Eliasch ,the owner of HEAD sports equipment company said that she had made an 'Honest Mistake.'He even questioned WADAand said that the  drug banned only above a certain level and not fully.He also said that he is making these statements based upon the facts out in the public domain .He also said that he believes that Sharapova is transparent otherwise his reasoning falls.He wants to see her teaching tennis to children as a punishment.Also skincare company Supergoop is standing by her.Sharapova signed a deal with the company to become the face of the company in 2014 and also to become co-owner with Holly Thaggard.Miss Thaggard said " ........... we value our relationship with her ......."

At an anti-doping hearing in London, Sharapova was informed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) that she should be banned for two years. She avoided the four year ban after WADA admitted that scientist could not dtermine for how long the drug remains in the user 's body after it had been taken.A statement said " An Independent Tribunal appointed under Article 8.1 of the 2016 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme has found that Maria Sharapova committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Article 2.1 of the Programme and as a consequence has disqualified the affected results and imposed a period of ineligibility of two years , commencing on 26 January 2016. "She tok her case to the CAS where her was reduced to 15 months from 2 years. CAS criticised the ITF ,the WADA ,Women's Tennis Association for not doing enough to spread the message about the addition of the drug on the list of banned drugs.
Maria Sharapova has continued her training and waiting for the ban to be over.
As a former grand slam champion she will be entitled to receive  wild card entries to tournaments ,so she will not be suffering to fight through qualifying draws.

Hyederabad lac bangles

Lac bangles are considered auspicious is several cultutre of the country and therefore popular during marriage ceremonies in region like hyderabad. In hyderabad lac bangles continue to be popular among married woman. They are prefered as they are soothing to wear and do not cause ingection or itchiness like in the case of plastic or glass bangles. 
What id lac bangles?
Lac is a resinous substance secreted by an insect called kerria lacca. The insect hosts itself or branches of certain trees such as kusam andpopal and forms a red encrustation around it. The coated branches are cut and sieved and the material obtained is washed to remove all impurities. 
Lac is available in different qualities like dark black,brown,and light golden the latter being the best and most expensive.
Process of making lac bangles:
Lac pieces are first melted in a shallow vessel or kadai when it is in a a semi molten state beroza giya pathar powderamd color are added to it. The mixture is stired continuously the colored lac is now stuck on the end of a wooden stick the lac stuck aeound a wooden rod is heated slowly over the coal burner or angithi. 

It is a simultaneously pressed with a stone or a wooden tool called hatha at regular intervals when it is sufficiently warm and soft it is wrapped with the desired colir by rubbing the color by rubbing the colored lac stick on it evenly for this purposr the colored lac stick also has to be warn enough and is therefore neated over the burner. After the color has been applied to the lac basr it is shapped into thin coil with help of a hattha and cut of from the plain lac rod.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Shades of Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotsav

 India the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people . The mosaic of art and culture  , the potpourri of tradition , India Stands as one of the oldest living civilization which has offered to the rest of the world  the elemental sound "auomm" the concept of zero and  the richness of yoga  . A treasure of art and culture , India is not just a land but the storehouse of beauty , dream , tradition and verve . Art and culture of India have left several scholars and intellectuals spell bounded . India has preserved its culture through careful curation and encouragement of paintings , scriptures and  artforms  .  And the same was seen at Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotsav at Indira Gandhi national center for arts . As the name suggests it is the cultural festival of india conceptualised by the ministry of cultural  - government of India to celebrate spirit of tradition and culture . It reconnects the new generation with Indian culture and showcases to the country and the world about  the soft power of unity in diversity of India . 
The glorious carnival  was a showcase of different crafts and paintings of India which glorified its rich heritage  .Exhibition hall was divided into various zones .  Each zone of India   be it north ,  south , east or west nurtures its own craft practiced and influenced by its geography and tradition  . The magnificent festival undiscovered the various talents  be it a lac bangle making , bronze sculptures or tanjavur paintings  with over 300 craftsperson from all over the India . The exhibitions stalls included the famous Maharashtrian sand rangoli depicting the sequence of  Valmik Rramayana . The dance Kathisamu and Karasma of Andhra Pradesh  converted the arena into an oasis of bliss for the dance lovers . the festival was coompanied by a wide ranging assortments of regional cuisines and delicacies prepared by traditional chefs . Delicacies showcased here included scrumptious regional meals from 35 states . One could fully enjoy the balmy october sun at the Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotasv and enhance  ones knowledge with trimendous and rich culture of India 

Friday, 21 October 2016

                 112 years old heritage house

K.Mohanraj, 46, is a well known bronze sculpture in the famous bronze town of Swamimalai in South India. He is a sculpturist with a Doctorate in Iconography. In the family, the art is passed on from generation to generation, a tradition that dates back to 3 hundred years. K.Mohanraj learned the art from his father, S.Karunanidhi when he was 13 year old.
K.Mohanraj has dedicated his life to bronze art and many of his bronze statues have found their way all over the world. The UNESCO office in Paris has some of his creations. He and his father have currently created around 8,000 idols, following a family tradition of making bronze icons that goes back centuries.

Art is all about passion and dedication . when Mohanraj was asked whether science and technology had changed and improved the quality of the icons, he smiled and with his hand keeping on his heart , said , “Quality comes from here.”                                         

Mohanraj has maternal feelings toward the deities he makes. He said this process always makes him nervous, for him each and every mould is a child. Whenever Mohanraj makes a model and covers it in a mould, he doesn’t know what is inside, and eagerly and nervously awaits the birth of a new icon. Mohanraj says, “we are the mother of the statues” , it shows again how much they are emotionally involved in making the icon.They are the one because of whom today culture is living. When a sculptor decides to make the wax model, the idol is infused with a spark of jeevan (life); when it is cast in metal it is half alive. When we draw the eyes it is three-quarters live but when it is placed in a temple and pujas are performed becomes a live being," the stapathi .
Now, it has become something else, it is out of his hands and the newborn has become immortal.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

IPL Digital rights and TV rights

The Indian cricketing bonanza, Every cricket fan from around the world and every Indian fan, supporting their team will glued to their television.
For, those fans who will watch sitting at home in India, the eight season of the Indian premium league will be telecast on star as their subsidiary novi digital entertainment private limited has bagged the rights for the next three seasons. The mobile and Internet rights for the Indian premium league has also been awarded to novi digital entertainment private limited for a whopping 302 crores.
This tournament has gained a lot of popularity abroad which came as a surprise to many. Star has won the bid to telecast the IPL across various continent except the United Kingdom and united States of America. In the UK sky network is showing this tournament, while in USA , ESPN has been awarded to media right. Although the Pakistan players won't be able to play the tournament to be held in the country due to the differences between the two nations, they will able to watch the event nevertheless on the GEO super chanel.
Other than just on television, the game will also be broadcast on the Internet via live streaming.  You can longon to WWW.IPLT20. Com, and star and other websites where the games will be live streamed for you.
This season, they have gone one step further with watching the match on your mobile handsets either on the mobile Internet or on hotstar app. If you are travelling and want to catch the match, use mobile streaming and you won't miss a single ball.

Ipl broadcasters :- set MAX, Sony six &HD, Sony ESPN&HD in India, Bhutan and Nepal.
GEO super in Pakistan
Sky sports in UK.
Sportsnet in Canada.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wrestler Narsingh Yadav- A case of doping.


Wrestler Narsingh Yadav- A case of doping.


One decision by the National anti-doping agency (NADA) broke the millions of heart in India when the verdict did not fall in to the favor of Indian wrestler Narsingh yadav , who was chosen to be represented as an Indian wrestler in Rio Olympic, although he had managed grab bronze medal in Vegas 2015and also replaced double Olympic gold medalist-Sushil kumar in Rio Olympic .
Narsingh Yadav slammed by the CAS (court of arbitration for sport) with the four year-ban given to him in a dope scandal by NADA.
“WADA takes the case to CAS ad hoc division, where the decision

of NADA India has been challenged to acquit the two following anti-doping tests with methandienone on july 25 and july 5. The athlete claimed that the he is the victim of sabotage (tempering substance) by another person. WADA requested that a four-year period of ineligibility be imposed on the athlete," the CAS said in a statement.
The CAS did not accepted the plea and find him to be the victim of sabotage and neither the evidences nor the anti-doping rule violation was not intentional which proves actual the ban of four year imposed by the panel” statement added”.
The embattled 74kg wrestler had maintained his statement that he is the victim of conspiracy by the rivals who spiked his drink with banned substances. Narsingh's roommate at the SAI centre in Sonipat also tested positive for the same substance but WFI backed the Mumbai-based wrestler's claims of a foul-play. Days before the Olympics, Narsingh was cleared of doping charges by the NADA who said the wrestler was indeed a victim of 'sabotage' and deserved the benefit of doubt.
However, his hopes were dealt a massive blow when WADA challenged the NADA's decision and moved the CAS amid speculation that the wrestler may face a ban up to four years.


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